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I'm available for part-time or contract work. Below are some references from people I've worked with.

Will Yoo - Founder, Realm labs

I've worked with top engineers from the classic well regarded places. FANG, Stanford, Ivy League. I've seen the entire spectrum in private market tech - from startups to unicorn company to top defi protocols. I'll say Posandu is among the most reliable, talented, and high integrity of people I've ever worked with. You'd be lucky to have him anywhere near your projects.

Yashash Pugalia

Posandu is an incredibly talented developer. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with him on several projects, and I'm always impressed by his knowledge and skillset. I have no doubt he'll continue to excel in his future endeavours.


2023 - NOV

Started freelancing and working in web3

2023 - JUL

Left Realm Labs AI

2023 - APR

Got promoted to a fullstack developer

2023 - FEB

Employed as a frontend developer in Realm Labs

2022 - SEP

Won a hackathon hosted by Hashnode

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