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Sri Lanka

I'm a student by day, developer by night. I'm mostly interested in web dev, but I also do some software dev, AI and crypto stuff. I'm quite good at JavaScript, CSS and Svelte.

I have experience on creating Enterprise software. I'm also certified on Codingame at solving problems with JavaScipt.

My other hobbies include badminton, reading, and writing.

I've worked with top engineers from the classic well regarded places. FANG, Stanford, Ivy League. I've seen the entire spectrum in private market tech - from startups to unicorn company to top defi protocols. I'll say Posandu is among the most reliable, talented, and high integrity of people I've ever worked with. You'd be lucky to have him anywhere near your projects.
Will Yoo - Founder, Realm labs

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Emails: posandumapa@gmail.com, posandu@tronic247.com, posandu@pm.me
Interested in my work? Shoot me an email if you want to contact me / hire me / etc.
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